A Five Day Voice and Feldenkrais® Course

Date: 19 – 23 July 2004, 12noon– 6pm

Feldenkrais work develops your sensory awareness, increasing agility, grace, sensuality, breathing capacity, and accelerating your ability to learn new physical skills. VocalDynamix is a voicework course, which combines the Awareness Through Movement approach of The Feldenkrais Method® with the most current voice training techniques available.

VocalDynamix workshops are intended to appeal both to professionals and to those on a journey of self-exploration and discovery. Begin the process of freeing the self from physical and mental limitations, and postural habits, in order to allow the true voice to soar unfettered.

Syllabus: For more information click here.

Costs: Full fee: £175, or £37 per day
Costs: Concs: £150, or £32 per day
Costs: (Deposit: £35)
Costs: Early booking discount (before 7 June 04)
Costs: Full fee: £155
Costs: Concs: £130

Contact: Maggy Burrowes
Contact: 020 8881 4138 / 07976 640737
Contact: maggy.burrowes@feldenkrais.co.uk