VocalDynamix Centre
126B Drakefell Road, New Cross, London, SE14 5SQ

Voice and Singing Classes
VocalDynamix Centre
Cost: £35.00

VocalDynamix is designed to help anyone who wishes to develop a conscious, flexible, strong, healthy voice, whether their interest is singing; speaking clearly as an actor or presenter; or freeing their natural voice as part of a healing or spiritual process – or indeed any combination of these elements.

The work itself is very practical and accessible, with lots of suggestions as to how to achieve the necessary level of regular practice to achieve the results you are seeking, and lots of ideas to make practising fun rather than a chore

I am aware that many people are not free on Saturdays, so I have decided to offer classes on both days and organise the syllabus so that you will not miss out on a theme that is important to you if you can only come on one of the days.

If you are interested in performing it is a good idea to come to me for private sessions and top up your training with the classes, however the classes will cover all the material necessary for your developing skills if private lessons are outside your budget at the moment. I am keeping the price low and thus am not offering an automatic concession rate, but do talk to me if a lower fee would make it more possible for you to come.

The fee includes detailed notes to make it easy for you to continue practising at home, and to minimise the need for note taking during the class.


"The course was a real revelation to me. I've done so many voice classes over the years but never one that dealt so thoroughly with how the voice actually works. Most classes concentrate on breathing and never really touch on what you do with your throat in order to manipulate sound. I'm so much more aware of what my voice is doing and I've started really listening to other people's voices to analyse how they work. Perhaps the most important thing for me was to discover the possibility that I had more than one possible vocal sound… I recommend the course to anyone who'll listen." Nicole Arkless, Actress

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"I find Maggy's workshops highly informative, inspirational, fun, and a big treat for the voice, body and spirit. Maggy has the unique professional combination of being a Feldenkrais practitioner, singing teacher and jazz performer, and she offers her knowledge and experience in a warm, relaxed and sensitive manner. I cannot recommend these workshops highly enough to anyone interested in learning more about their voice and body." Abi Strevens MA, BSc (Hons), State Registered Music Therapist (SRAsT (M)

Contact: Maggy Burrowes
Contact: 07976 640 737 / info@vocaldynamix.com