On this website you will find information about my background, training and experience in The Feldenkrais Method, VocalDynamix and Embodied Voice, and my singing teaching and performing. This website is no longer being updated, so use the highlighted links to connect to the relevant information on my blog. I am in the process of developing a second blog that will explore my expanding Embodied Voice work.

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The Feldenkrais Method® uses movement with focused awareness to improve mobility, posture, breathing, balance and co-ordination, and its benefits range from relief of pain and chronic muscular tension to realising your full potential in your work and your life – when we stopped wasting energy on unconscious and excessive muscular overuse we can free up the energy to do more of what we really want to do...

"Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself." - Moshe Feldenkrais

Embodied Voice is a unique voice training programme, devised by myself, which combines the latest discoveries in vocal science with the highly effective teaching techniques of The Feldenkrais Method®. I also teach singing, voice production and performance skills in more traditional formats.

Both Feldenkrais and Embodied Voice are available in the form of private lessons, group classes, and workshops. My Embodied Voice workshops can be customised to suit any size group – contact me for details: email or see the blog's Contact Details, and About ... page.

Feldenkrais – @MaggyBurrowes
Embodied Voice - @EmbodiedVoice

Feldenkrais & Embodied Voice with Maggy Burrowes
Embodying The Voice with Feldenkrais

I also have 30 years experience as a professional vocalist; live photos, demo performances and a full performance history are all available on this website here.
You can also find me on SoundCloud - maggyburrowes

"What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible brains. What I’m after is to restore each person to their human dignity." - Moshe Feldenkrais

Finally, for more information about Feldenkrais in the UK, go to the Guild website here: www.feldenkrais.co.uk

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